Spring is in the air!

It’s been a long winter, but here at Long Meadow, we are delighted to see the stretch in the evenings. This time of year is always a busy one in the orchards. We are carrying out a lot of our usual maintenance work, pruning the trees and chopping excess branches. We cultivate these branches back into the ground, which puts essential nutrients back into the soil. It’s part of what we do at Long Meadow. We use the knowledge which has been passed down through generations. As ever, our hope is that this work will bear fruit come harvest time.

We are also busy on the production line, building up stocks of our craft ciders, apple juices and apple cider vinegar with mother.
We’ve extended our offer on our 10 litre container of Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother until the end of March. Just use the code VINEGAR5 at the checkout when you order online

Till next time!

The McKeevers