Long Meadow Apple Cider Vinegar

Naturally Loaded with Healthy Enzymes and Probiotics! Pure & Unfiltered with 'The Mother'

The Mother

The Mother is the strains of proteins and bacteria that form when Apple Cider Vinegar is left unpasteurised and raw.

She might appear as large cobwebs or as a small darker particles in the Apple Cider Vinegar. Either way, don’t be afraid of her.

She’s what makes our ACV so special and we recommend keeping her in your daily dose, however you may chose to enjoy it.

What's Good About Apple Cider Vinegar?

Several ingredients found in Apple Cider Vinegar serve to enhance its reputation as a true health benefit.

Calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, malic acid and pectin are several of the minerals which it has in perfectly balanced amounts, which gets most people's attention.

• Potassium – enhances bone and muscle strength.
• Malic Acid – promotes energy to fight infections from harmful bacteria and fungus.
• Acetic Acid - lowers the blood's pH levels thereby creating an inhospitable intestinal environment for bacterial & fungal infections.
• Pectin – facilitates regulation of blood pressure and removal of bad cholesterol.


One of nature's gifts made from the humble apple. So much more than a cupboard staple!

Photos courtesy of Ian Harvey/FarmWeek Rural Reality series.

Suitable for Vegans & Gluten Free... A Wonderful Addition to Healthy Diets!

Benefits (Accordingly to Customers Testimonials)

• Reduced arthritic pain & inflammation.
• Lower cholesterol levels.
• Relieves throat pain by gargling.
• Reduces the itchiness and soreness of eczema and dermatitis.
• Helps with weight loss and suppresses appetite.
• Reduced gout pain.
• Regulates blood sugar.
• Many people have also told us it’s great for colds, flus and sinus problems.

How to Use

• The secret is to take daily, 10ml in warm or cold water but not boiling, never take undiluted.
• Mix Apple Cider Vinegar with water and honey for a refreshing morning drink; the honey is also beneficial to your immune system and provides energy.
• You can use Apple Cider Vinegar when you're making a salad.
• If you like to pickle fruits & vegetables, raw apple cider vinegar is a very healthy choice.
• Add Apple Cider Vinegar to your regular blend of herbs & spices when you mix marinades for meats.