Long Meadow Cider, Co. Armagh - Paula McIntyre


We were delighted when chef, food writer and all-round national treasure, Paula McIntyre featured our “Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother” in her column. She knows that we make ours by adding yeast to the apple juice to break down the sugars and turn them into alcohol. Natural bacteria are then added to the alcohol to create acetic acid or vinegar. These natural bacteria called “The Mother” are full of antioxidants. Put simply, it’s the good stuff that you won’t get in mass-produced vinegars.

Taking four teaspoons (20ml) diluted in water every day is great for the digestive and immune systems as well as helping to relieve joint pain and arthritis.

Paula bought a 10L drum last summer and got busy pickling. She now has lots of pickled goodies including pickled cucumbers, courgettes and green tomato chutney. 

Her basic pickling liquor is one part vinegar, one part water, half a part of sugar and season with salt. You just bring it to a simmer, cool and then pour over what you want in a clean jar.

We love her suggestions for hot potatoes tossed in a vinaigrette made with apple cider vinegar and Broighter Gold Rapeseed Oil and chicken with cider-braised turnips. Her carrot jam is perfect for a wet afternoon. It has lots of Indian spices and will be ready to put in jars in an hour.

You won’t get in a pickle with our “Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother”. Like Paula, we can send you the 10L drum or you can buy it in 500ml and 100ml bottles. It is available online and is also stocked in farm shops, supermarkets and delis across Northern Ireland. It’s local, artisan, healthy and delicious. Paula McIntyre agrees!

For a limited time, we can offer you £5 off a 10L container which will cost £30 including delivery. Simply enter the code VINEGAR5 at the checkout when you order online